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Bridge Lessons 2024
Thursday 4th April

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Our next series of lessons will commence on Thursday 4th April 2024 straight after the Easter long weekend.  Lessons run from 7:00pm to 9:00pm .  There will be around 13-14 lesson evenings in total.

Bridge is fun, extremely social, very frustrating, fabulously rewarding, trains the brain and improves the memory, and it is TOTALLY addictive!

Check out https://www.playbridge.co.nz/ to see why you need to join these lessons.  It is an information loaded web site that will explain why Bridge is such a fantastic game. 

You will never stop learning, and you’ll still be playing in your 90s.  It is the best ever card game (and yes, we’re biased.)

Each lesson comprises one hour of instruction followed by an hour of card play.  During each lesson we have a number of senior club members who come along and help, advise and coach during the card play session.  The first 2 lessons are free, then we ask you to join the Club to continue with the lessons.  The $60 membership fee will provide you with the teaching materials, Club membership for the remainder of the year, and NZ Bridge affiliation and membership.

After 10 lessons have completed, we run 3 evenings of “just card play” joined by more senior Club members to sit with each table and teach, advise and assist you.

When the lessons have finished we encourage you all to come along to the Wednesday Introductory evening – it will be a potluck dinner – where we will pair you up with Club members for your inaugural night.  After the Inaugural Evening you are encouraged to seek out other players to play with for the rest of the year while you get up to speed.  For the first four weeks of regular play, we reduce the number of boards, take a mid-session break and have certain rules of conduct for the senior players.  It may seem intimidating coming to the first few Wednesday sessions, however, do not worry.  The lessons are structured to set you up for SUCCESS.

Aside from being just an introductory course for new players, the lessons are an excellent opportunity to refresh your knowledge of the Acol bidding system and we encourage current members to join in. There is no course fee for full members of the club.

If you are interested in participating, please show your interest by clicking the button below to register your details or send us an email to lessons@franklinbridgeclub.com


Welcome to our Bridge club located in central Pukekohe.  Founded in 1957, the club is well established with a supportive and growing membership renowned for its country hospitality and friendliness.   Helping people into the game is important to us.  

Our members are firm proponents of face-to-face card play at our lovely convenient club rooms.  We offer four sessions per week in both the daytime and in the evenings.

Bridge is one of the few games played today by people of all ages, races, and nationalities.  It is an extremely social and sociable game and it combines the elements of mental stimulation, luck, and human interaction that are hard to find in other games so cheap and easy to play.

Bridge is a game for all ages and we thoroughly encourage new players to join our Lessons.

Come along and join us.